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About Honor Systems

Honor Systems is about just that, Honor. We believe in commitment to our product and commitment to our customers. In 2018, we began looking at the problem of yester-years code. We looked at the amount of time that was and is being spent to update or migrate a customers old source code. Then we decided to create a solution.

We created the Honor Systems Codex. It's an automated service that we know is the solution to code migration. Then we took it further and integrated the SonarQube static code analzyer (SCA). SCAs are typically known so far to scan your code. We aren't an SCA, we use them. Then we do more then just scan your code. We believe it's time to move past this. Now you can have SonarQube identify the issues, and you can get our solutions the same day.

Thinking about migrating to Java 11 or 17?

  • Have you run into the scenario where the API you used got changed, replaced, or deleted?
  • Have you ever looked at how much software maintenance is costing you?
  • Have you started looking at migrating your java and stopped because the number of changes seemed daunting?
  • Have you ever wondered if there was a quick and easy tool that you can use to not just scan your code but to get it updated too?

To date, we have scanned over 2.25 million lines of code and submitted, through GitHub pull requests, more than 1600 API updates, vulnerability fixes, and code improvements to various Open Source projects.

Why You Want Honor Systems


  • Save big $$$ by reducing the cost of code maintenance
  • Take advantage of new Java improvements - Like the parallel full garbage collection on G1
  • Automated service allows you to get same day migration results for supported issues
  • Reduce your engineering and developer code upkeep costs
  • Free up your engineer and developer time for creating new features and staying competitive
  • Reduce hiring needs to support old code

Costly Problems

We believe in quality coding. We believe in doing things right. Honor Systems believes in the honor of a person and the output of that person. Value your people like we do. Use the Honor Systems Codex service to give them the time they need to work on your project features instead of updates and maintenance.

We provide free updates to the OpenSource community. Want to get your source code updated? Sign up now!

Free Yourself Now!!!

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