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Current events are important. We will do our best to help spread the word on current news in the industry regarding code migration, updating, and vulnerabilities. When you are forewarned you are forearmed.

Honor Systems Announcements

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2024-02:Oops, that was a rather long and unintentional holiday. Sometimes work stacks up and we all get a little busy.

2022-12:Happy holidays to all!

2022-08: Honor Systems Updater now called Honor Systems Codex!

2021-06: SonarQube integration and testing completed. Sign up to find out what you can get fixed today!

2022-05: Announcing the Beta Release for SonarQube integration with the Honor Systems Updater! Migrate to Java 11 (current tested release) and/or see what SonarQube identified issues you can get fixed!

2021-08: Announcing the Deployment of the Honor Systems Updater to the Cloud! SaaS and PaaS services are now available!

2021-01: Announcing the Honor Systems Updater by SD&A. Rapidly migrate your Java code to Java 11 (our currently tested release) using the Honor Systems Updater automated service!

Java migration News

Security & Vulnerability Updates