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Codex Pricing

Currently, we base our pricing on the number of projects you have instead of the number of seats. We see this service as something that can be used by the engineers, developers, and the managers. Please contact us to discuss this.

SaaS Application

This is for customers that want to run their own JDeprScan and SCA. We have a Maven build plugin that you download, the plugin connects to our servers. The plugin will communicate only the files that need to be updated back to our independent solution servers to perform the work on. Then we send the files right back.

We do not keep files for problems that we have already created solutions for. If your code has a need that we have not created a solution for then we would normally save that file so that we can see what the new solutions needs to be when we get to it.

If you do not want us to save anything from you then just let us know.

If you'd like to test a project sign up and give it a shot!


We can setup cloud servers with instances of the JDeprScan, SonarQube, and the Codex Plugin. Note that this option costs more for you but we are more than happy to accomodate you with this service.


The Codex is setup to work with Github as well. We do not have a Github marketplace app setup yet. Watch our News page to find out when this is available.


If you have the skills and would like to donate your time to running the Codex on Open Source Projects please contact us.