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HS Codex - For Commercial use and the Open Source community

What is the Codex?

The Codex currently has two supported features. It offers Java migration and it fixes issues identified by SonarQube. But what does that mean?

If you don't already know, the Java world is changing at a fast pace. The new release cycle is a mere six months. The good news is that the new LTS has a little more time. How familiar are you with the LTS release dates and related support?

LTS Release Released Active Support Security Support Latest
17 2021, Sep 14 Ends 2026, Sep 30 Ends 2029, Sep 30
11 2018, Sep 25 Ends 2023, Sep 30 Ends 2026, Sep 30
8 2014, Mar 18 Ended 2022 Mar 31 Ends 2030, Dec 31 8u341

Are you still paying for Java 8 support? Worse? Are you paying for support for something even older? Have you asked yourself: WHY?

Do you want to reduce that cost?

The Codex can do that for you. You will get the upside of migrating to a more current platform AND you will be able to take advantage of the performance enhancements that begin with Java 11. Take a look at the performance comparison between between Java 8 and Java 11 using G1 GC that OptaPLanner reported:


The Codex has successfully scanned over 2.25 million lines of code over a mere five projects. These five projects had 215 java migration updates that the Codex was automatically ready and able to fix. All have been reviewed and pulled by the project owners.

What else does it do?

The Codex is also integrated with SonarQube. What is SonarQube? It's an open-source platform developed by SonarSource that provides a detailed report of bugs, code smells, vulnerabiltiies, and code duplications. It supports more than 25 major programming languages through built-in rulessets and can also be extended with various plugins.

It's a great tool. It tells you how many and where your issues are. Then you have to fix them. That's the crux. You should be using this tool to help you make your new projects work and be great. Here is an example of four projects we ran through SonarQube.

SonarQube Results

The Codex knew how to fix and update 1632 issues distribute (unevenly) over these projects.

Is the Codex an instant fix? No. It is a Continuous Development process. The Honor Systems’ team works diligently to analyze the more popular APIs, and other issues encountered to create the solution templates that the Codex utilizes. So you should check back monthly to run your code and get the new Solution Templates applied.


Do you want to run your Open Source project through the Codex?

Honor Systems has setup a PaaS Service in order to serve the Open Source community. This includes:

  • Jenkins build automation server
  • Nexus servers for your binaries
  • Servers to run the Java Deprecation Scanner and the SonarQube scanner

What's the process to get access to run their Open Source projects?

Codex Flow Chart