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The HS Codex started as the Honor Systems Updater and was developed by Steve Davidson. Steve has been immersed in the Java community since 1999 and from his first job he had been dealing with code debt in all of its forms. He wrapped up his last contract and began considering the impact regarding the faster pace of JDK LTS releases. The result was the creation of the HS Codex. An automated solution that took the Java Depracation Scanner output and applies his HSS Solution Templates.

Honor Systems provides this service as a PaaS, a SaaS, or for those that have even higher security requirements we can negotiate an onsite option.

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Technical debt is costing companies worldwide nearly $400 billion. Your company may be reserving up to 40% of your IT budget on maintaining your source code.

According to Digital Guardian the average cost of a data breach was $8.4 million in 2020. Types of records that are typically compromized include Customer personal identifiable informaoion (PII), Intenelluctual property, Anonymized customer data, other corporate data, and employee PII.

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