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About Honor Systems

Honor Systems is about creating solutions to problems. We believe in commitment to our products and services, and commitment to our customers. Honor Systems was founded by Steve Davidson and Bobby Neuhoff.

Steve started his career as a Java developer in the late 90s. He has since learned many roles including, System Architecture, DevOps, Agile development practices, and many more. Steve was brought on to tackle problems that can only be defined as code debt. Now he has been fixing, improving, and generally making Java work for more than 20 years. He is the brain behind the Codex.

Bobby joined Steve in 2019. He is responsible for business development and guidance. So if you need to say something about the Codex, send the message to Bobby.

Who is this for?

We created the HS Codex™ for everyone! We decided to price this so that it could be a tool that any Java developer could use. It's an automated service solution that we know is the solution that puts your OpenJDK projects on the right track!

Thinking about migrating to the latest Java?

  • Do you want to make sure you are not coding with out-dated classes, methods, and APIs?
  • Have you run into the scenario where the API you used got changed, replaced, or deleted?
  • Have you ever looked at how much software maintenance is costing you?
  • Have you wondered how to convince your boss to let you update the code?
  • Have you ever wondered if the problem can be identified why can't it be fixed too?

Is it AI?

As good as this is, it's not AI and we are not going to call it AI, unless we actually develop one. Our proprietary system uses what we call Solution Templates that we create and are used to update, or migrate your code. If we have created one. If we find we haven't we do. Then, if there is a custom solution that needs to be made, if you want to contract us to do it we will do that for you. Otherwise, just let us fix the multiples of smaller things for you so you can focus on the bigger problems.

But Good Lord, Why?

There was once a Council of Wizards. These people sat atop a mountain, under the stream, and around the coffee shop discussing the continued development of Java. One sunny day they decided that new Java needed to be pushed out on a more regular basis in order to 1) stay competitive, and 2) to continue taking advantage of the fast paced development of the hardware.

Okay, we made up that they call themselves the Council of Wizards. The decision was made to push Java development to a more frequent schedule. Java 8 was released in 2014 and is still a popular choice, then Java 11 was released, then Java 17. Java 21 will become the new supported LTS in 2023. Have you had the time to learn Java 21? Or even all of the Java 11 changes? What if you could code as you know, get an immediate update on your code before you submit it, and just learn the changes as you go?

Where will we stop?

The HS Codex™ is not something we see as just for Java. We have already integrated with the SonarSource SonarQube™ scanner. Honor Systems is not a part of SonarSource™ we just believe that using quality code scanning tools is valuable. This has allowed us to scan and identify not just Java needs but also security needs in GitHub OpenSource projects. To date, we have scanned over 2.25 million lines of code and submitted, through GitHub pull requests, more than 1600 API updates, vulnerability fixes, and code improvements to various OpenSource projects. And we are gearing up to do a lot more this year!

Why You Want Honor Systems


  • Save big $$$ by reducing the cost of code maintenance
  • Take advantage of new Java improvements - Like the parallel full garbage collection on G1
  • Automated service allows you to get same day migration results for supported issues
  • Reduce your engineering and developer code upkeep costs
  • Free up your engineer and developer time for creating new features and staying competitive
  • Reduce hiring needs to support old code

You Should Know The Costs

Honor Systems believes in the honor of a person and the output of that person. We believe in quality coding. We believe in doing things right. We value you. Use the HS Codex™ to give yourself the time you need to work on project features instead of updates and maintenance.

We provide free updates to the OpenSource community. Want to get your source code updated or help a library you like?

Find a problem, Fix a problem! Sign up now!